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'A remarkable thing has happened in the City of London. A great commercial building of the 1920s has been renewed and enhanced in a way that sets very high architectural standards for the City. It is a moment to celebrate.'
Colin Amery, Financial Times
The refurbishment of Sir Edwin Lutyens' Britannic House in Finsbury Circus, carried out in conjunction with Peter Inskip & Peter Jenkins, won a series of accolades including Civic Trust and City Heritage Awards. Modern, fully serviced office space and a new atrium were combined with the retention of the principal historic features and spaces in the building, including the retention of Sir Edwin Lutyens' circuitous staircase, which was retained in situ throughout the work, the Boardroom, which was reconstructed, the ground floor Entrance Halls and Directors Offices. Britannic House was subsequently purchased by British Petroleum as its World Headquarters.
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